About us

SuperIndianFoods – Celebrating India’s Culinary Heritage Worldwide

Embark on a Flavorful Journey with SuperIndianFoods – A Brand by GeekFactory Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to the enticing world of SuperIndianFoods, a culinary destination curated by GeekFactory Innovations Pvt. Ltd. As a prominent FMCG exporter, we are dedicated to sharing the essence of Indian cuisine with the global community. Our offerings encompass a tapestry of authentic spices, nutritious grains, and an array of meticulously crafted packaged food items. Join us on a voyage that bridges tradition and innovation, delivering the quintessential tastes of India to your plate.

Our Story

GeekFactory Innovations Pvt. Ltd. was conceived with a vision to spotlight the artistry of Indian gastronomy on a global stage. Captivated by the abundance of India’s culinary treasures, we forged SuperIndianFoods as a brand that encapsulates the myriad flavors, colors, and aromas that define the Indian culinary experience

Our Philosophy

SuperIndianFoods embodies the timeless wisdom of age-old recipes infused with the dynamism of modern culinary practices. Our philosophy revolves around preserving the authenticity of each ingredient while offering a modern twist that caters to the evolving palates of international consumers.

Our Expansive Selection

At SuperIndianFoods, we celebrate the richness of Indian culinary culture through a diverse range of offerings. From handpicked spices that encapsulate the very essence of India’s cultural diversity to nutrient-rich grains that form the foundation of Indian meals, our selection represents the heart and soul of Indian cuisine. In addition, our ready-to-cook meals and carefully curated packaged delicacies promise an effortless and delectable culinary experience.

Uncompromising Quality

Quality stands as a testament to our commitment. We meticulously source and select ingredients of the highest caliber, ensuring that every SuperIndianFoods product exceeds international quality benchmarks. Our state-of-the-art facilities adhere to rigorous standards, guaranteeing that each item reflects the epitome of quality and taste.

Global Presence

What commenced as a humble aspiration has blossomed into a global culinary movement. SuperIndianFoods products are now cherished across the continents, uniting individuals with a shared love for authentic Indian flavors. Our dedication to excellence has cemented our reputation as a trusted partner among distributors and retailers worldwide.

Sustainability and Impact

SuperIndianFoods embraces its role in creating a better world. We are committed to sustainability, championing eco-conscious practices across our supply chain and giving back to the communities we touch.

Embark on a Gastronomic Voyage

SuperIndianFoods invites you to explore the kaleidoscope of Indian flavors that have captured hearts for generations. Whether you’re a connoisseur of spices, a health enthusiast seeking nourishing grains, or an adventurer in the world of international cuisine, our products promise a culinary journey that connects you with the heart of India.

Best Quality Services

Regarding food, there must be no concessions. To guarantee that the food remains healthy and fresh, we aim to provide you with services of the highest quality.

Vast Experience in Food Trading

Our extensive knowledge of the food industry makes us the best solution for your food trading requirements.

Trusted & Legally Approved Certified Services

As a legally licenced food exporting firm in India, our services are honest and reliable.

Commitment & Time Adherence

Regarding eating, time is a significant aspect. This is why, at Geekfactory, we are committed to completing every project on time, every time.


Using cutting-edge techniques and apparatus, we ensure that the food is packaged and kept optimally.

What We Do?

We offer consumers the service of exporting spices from India. However, we also recognise the desire for Indian cuisine, which is why we export various types of Indian food. From assisting you in finding the proper purchasers to packaging and shipping your food, our comprehensive services will ensure that you encounter no obstacles. Whether you want the food sent to Europe, the Middle East, or the Americas, we see to it that the work is done.