Dehydrated Fruits

Dehydration is the process of removing water or moisture from fruits, vegetables, and other similar goods. Dehydrated fruits are currently in high demand worldwide. This is due to the numerous applications and benefits of dehydrated fruits and vegetables. India’s dehydrated fruits are incredibly healthy and convenient to store. Due to the removal of water, these fruits also have a lengthy shelf life. Consequently, imports of dehydrated Indian fruits have increased in recent years.


Global Market Demand of Dehydrated Fruits

India’s demand for dried fruits on the worldwide market has increased due to the convenience of these fruits. These fruits are easily transportable and make nutritious and delightful on-the-go snacks. As a snack, it is always preferable to eat dehydrated fruits rather than unhealthy fried or oiled foods. Rich in nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants, these fruits deliver quick vitality in the middle of a busy day. Therefore, the import of dried fruits from India has increased throughout the years.

Dehydrated Fruits Varieties We Export

From India, the exporters of dehydrated fruits export numerous varieties of these dried fruits. Apples, pineapples, papayas, bananas, strawberries, and many other fruits are among the most regularly exported dried fruits. Here are the principal fruits included in India’s export of dehydrated fruits:

Dehydrated Apples

Apples are pleasant, sweet, and crisp fruits. Apples, one of the most delectable fruits, are also rich in nutrients. Due to their numerous uses and benefits, dehydrated apples are also popular nowadays. Over the years, exports of dehydrated apples have increased. This is due to the increasing global demand for apples. The export of dehydrated apples from India consists primarily of dehydrated apple flakes and dehydrated apple slices.

Dehydrated Apple Flakes

Dehydrated Apple Flakes

Apple flakes that have been dehydrated are also popular in many nations throughout the world. This is because of the rich flavour and aroma of apples. Despite being dehydrated, apples have high nutritional content and a lengthy shelf life. Therefore, apple dehydrated flakes are in demand today.

Dehydrated Apple Slices

Dehydrated Apple Slices

Depending on which apples have been dehydrated, dehydrated apple slices are usually red or green in colour. Typically, these slices are dried using food dehydrators. These fruits are widely consumed due to their high fibre and antioxidant content, as well as their long shelf life.

Dehydrated Chikoo

Sapota, also known as Chikoo, is a tasty tropical fruit. It is well-known for its mildly musky flavour and gritty consistency. In the present day, dehydrated chikoo is very popular on the market. This is due to its extensive health benefits. It is rich in vitamins A and C, aids digestion, provides energy, is beneficial for the bones, regulates blood pressure, and has other other advantages. Since a few years, the export of dehydrated chikoo has also increased exponentially. This surge in dehydrated chikoo exports from India is also due to these chikoos’ longer shelf life.

Dehydrated Kiwi

Dehydrated Kiwi

The Kiwi is a tiny fruit also known as the Chinese gooseberry in many regions of the world. Kiwi is well-known for its numerous health advantages and delicious flavour. New Zealand apples are an excellent source of dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. Currently, India’s exports of dehydrated kiwi are expanding. This is due to the items’ excellent nutritional value and extended shelf life. The export of dehydrated kiwi from India comprises the export of both natural and processed dehydrated kiwi.

Dehydrated Mango

Mangos are among the most popular fruits in the world. The delicious, nutrient-rich, and fresh variety of dried mangoes are now also popular worldwide. Thus, the export of dehydrated mango has increased during the past few years. The export of dehydrated mango from India consists primarily of natural dehydrated mango and processed dehydrated mango. Both soluble and insoluble fibre are abundant in dehydrated mangoes, making them a great source of both forms of dietary fibre. The soluble fibre in dehydrated mangoes stabilises blood sugar levels, enhances nutritional absorption, and may also lower LDL “bad” cholesterol levels. This mango’s insoluble fibre aids a healthy digestive tract.

Dehydrated Orange

Over the years, the export of dehydrated orange from India has increased. This is due to the numerous applications and storage benefits of dehydrated oranges. Due to the removal of water content, dehydrated oranges have a longer shelf life than ordinary oranges. The dehydrated oranges are also transportable and make nutritious and delicious travel snacks. These oranges are used as garnishes and can be pounded into a powder to flavour soups, stews, etc. Thus, the export of dehydrated oranges from India has increased throughout the years.

Dehydrated Papaya

The papaya is among the healthiest tropical fruits. It is filled with anti-inflammatory antioxidants that keep you young and reduce inflammation. In addition to its numerous health benefits, papaya is well-known for its brilliant colour and delicious flavour. Due to its lengthy shelf life, exotic sweet taste, and distinct flavour, dehydrated papaya is currently in high demand across the globe. Over the years, exports of dehydrated papaya have increased. The majority of India’s dehydrated papaya exports consist of dehydrated papaya flakes.

Dehydrated Pineapple

Pineapple dehydration is recognised as one of the mystical fruits. It is rich in natural carbohydrates and vitamins that provide rapid energy whenever you feel exhausted. Typically, dehydrated pineapple is produced utilising a vacuum dehydration method based on the most advanced technological mechanism. Over time, pineapple dehydration exports have increased. This is because dried fruits have the texture and flavour of candy and are chewy. Due to its widespread use in cuisines around the world, India’s exports of dehydrated pineapple have also been expanding significantly.

Dehydrated Strawberry

Strawberries that have had their moisture content removed are dehydrated. Dried strawberries are nutritional powerhouses and are abundant in fibre, potassium, and numerous other nutrients and minerals. They make excellent and nutritious snacks, and being dehydrated makes them convenient to transport. The export of dried strawberries from India has increased. The export of dehydrated strawberries from India includes powder, slices, and other kinds of dehydrated strawberries.

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