Apricots are extremely healthy stone fruits. The Indian apricot exporter exports apricots to about 95 countries worldwide. The total value of India’s apricot exports is approximately 27.97 million dollars. The Indian Apricot Exporter exports numerous varieties of Apricots to numerous nations, including the Netherlands, China, the United States of America, France, and the United Kingdom. The value of these five countries’ apricot exports is around USD 17.4 million.


Nutrients Calories - 48 calories Dietary Fiber - 2 g Carbohydrate 11 g
Vitamins Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6
Minerals Calcium, Iron, Magnesium
Protein 1.4 g


The import of apricots from India includes several apricot kinds, such as Aprium, August Glo, Autumn Royal, etc. The exported Apricots must be of high quality, and the Apricot exporter in India must conform to the country’s health and safety requirements. India’s export of apricots includes the following essential varieties:


Aprium Apricots are a medium to large-sized fruit. This type has yellow skin with a plum-like flavour. It is known to be a fruit with a late harvest. Apricots of the Aprium kind are good for export.


The August Glo is an exportable variety of Apricots from India. This type is approximately average in size. The August Glo is supposed to have an exceptional sweet-sour taste. This cultivar is harvested late.


This Apricot cultivar is comparable to Blenheim. The fruits are of average size and have a golden exterior with a faint orange flush. The flesh is yellow in colour and mildly acidic in composition. These fruits may be consumed fresh, in a jar, or dried.


The Blenheim cultivar is medium to large in size and has flesh that is thick and orange-yellow. This fruit is extremely juicy and has a flavour that is sweet, vivacious, and aromatic. This is recognised as the traditional California apricot. This fruit is available for harvest between early and midseason.


Mormon is a little, orange-skinned kind of Apricot with a crimson blush. This cultivar produces smooth fruits with firm flesh. The fruits are succulent and delicious. It is ready for harvest from midseason until late.


The Earligold variety is of average size. The fruit is golden yellow in colour and its flesh is dense and delicious. This cultivar is typically used for canning and fresh consumption. This cultivar is ready to be harvested early.


Floragold is a miniature to medium-sized kind of Apricot. This apricot variety’s skin and flesh are yellow. This cultivar is ready for harvest during midseason and is an exportable variety.


Typically, the Garden Annie variety is medium to large in size. The skin of this type is vivid yellow. The Garden Annie’s clingstone flesh is luscious and solid. This cultivar is typically ready for harvest early.


The Goldcot variety ranges in size from medium to large. The fruit is roughly spherical and has a golden skin. It has dense orange flesh that is solid and sweetly flavoured. This cultivar is utilised for processing, canning, and fresh consumption.


The Moorpark is a huge kind of apricot that was produced in the 18th century. This cultivar is juicy, fragrant, and tastes like plums. This type is ready for harvest in the middle of the season. It has a brownish-red skin with spots and dots and yellow to orange meat.


This kind of Apricots is virtually round, medium-sized, and covered with soft silky hairs. This variety’s skin is pale yellow, with a strong crimson flush covering half of the fruit. Riland possesses firm, meaty flesh.

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