Dates are cylindrical fruits that range in length from 3 to 7 centimetres and contain a seed at their core. Even when dried, they retain their sweetness and high sugar content. In the Middle East, dates are a staple. The Dates exporter in India exports dates to numerous nations across the globe. The export of dates from India has increased throughout the years due to the variety of uses and benefits of dates. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for the Indian Dates exporter to build his business and access the global market. The export of Dates from India includes a variety of Date varietals and quality.


Nutrients Calories - 20 calories Dietary Fiber - 0.6 g Carbohydrate 5.33 g
Protein 0.17 g


The import of Dates from India includes numerous Date types, such as Medjool, Hallwi, Zahidi, etc. The Dates exporter in India exports the high quality of all these sorts to many nations throughout the globe. Here are some of the most important Date varieties exported from India.


Dates of the Medjool kind are used in smoothies, shakes, and other desserts. This type is unfit for ingestion raw. The dates are huge and plump, with a vibrant yellow hue and a delicious flavour. This type is commonly referred to as the “Queen of Dates.”


Hallawi is a kind of dates that can be eaten raw or dried. This early-fruiting, rain-tolerant cultivar produces a substantial harvest. The average output per tree for this type is between 50 and 80 kg. Even while this type can be eaten raw, its dates are also used to make an excellent chuhara.


Zahidi is a midseason cultivar of dates that has moderate tolerance for high humidity and precipitation. This variety’s semi-dry dates are renowned for their suitability for processing into pind khajoor. The dates are of an insufficient size to be consumed raw.


Dates of the Khadrawi kind are slightly less sweet than those of the Medjool variety. These dates are widely sought after due to their velvety texture and golden flesh. This cultivar is accessible during the fall and early winter months. The Khadrawi is a cultivar with relatively smaller trees that produces a good yield.


The Barhee Date variety produces small, spherical fruits with a sweet flavour. The dates have a silky, crisp texture and a beautiful yellow hue. Due to its high flesh content, this variety’s dates can be consumed uncooked. Barhee is a very high-yielding date cultivar, with an average output of 60-110 kg per tree.


The Hayany cultivar is commonly utilised in desserts and savoury meals. This kind can be consumed uncooked. These fruits are delicate, oblong, and fleshy in abundance. They have a sweet flavour and a rich brown hue. This qualifies the cultivar for use on the table. The typical output per Hayany palm is between 30 and 40 kilogrammes.


The Deglet cultivar of dates is available throughout the late summer and fall seasons. This variety’s dates are medium in size and range in colour from yellow to amber. The dates are crisp, semi-dry, and contain a large seed. This variety’s dates are not as sweet as those of the Medjool variety.


The Kimia is one of the most delectable date varietals. This type is well-liked for its meaty texture and velvety skin. This variety’s dates are brown-black and good for consumption. These fruits can be either raw or dried, and they make a wonderful complement to many sweets.

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