Oats originated in the Mediterranean. The increasing popularity of this crop is a result of its numerous applications in various fields. Each year, oats exporters in India ship tonnes of oats to other nations. India’s exports of oats comprise numerous kinds of the grain. Exporting these extraordinarily nutritious grains represents a lucrative economic potential for Indian oat exporters. Exporting oats provides other advantages.


Nutrients Calories - 389 calories Carbs - 66.3 grams Fibre - 10.6 gramsg
Minerals Manganese, Phosphorous, Copper, Iron, Selenium, Magnesium, Zinc
Vitamins Vitamin b
Protein 16.9g


The import of oats from India contains numerous types, such as HFO-114, Brunker-10, Weston-11, etc. Oat exporters in India ship oats of top quality and other grains to various regions of the globe. The export of oats is therefore viewed as an excellent chance for local merchants to access the global market.

HFO - 114 (HARYANA JAVI - 114)

1974’s HFO – 114 is an early-sowning oats variety that yields two cuts and has good tillering and synchronous flowering. This variety’s plants are tall and disease- and lodging-resistant. They have tenacious seeds. Two cuttings are claimed to yield 50–55 t/ha of green forage, 13 t/ha of dry matter, and 20 q/ha of seed.


The Brunker- 10 oat variety has fine and silky leaves and grows rapidly. This type of oats produces prostrate plants with abundant tillering and modest early growth. The leaves of Brunker-10 are slender and delicate. In roughly 140 days, the output of green fodder is 40–45 t/ha. The majority of Brunker-10 is grown in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh.


1978 saw the emergence of an unique oat cultivar known as Weston 11. This kind of oats grows around 155 cm tall and semi-erect. The Weston 11 plant has large leaves with smooth panicles. This variety’s flowering period is 110 days and its maturity period is 160 days.


This oat cultivar was introduced in 1980 and is distinguished by its medium maturity, abundant tillering, and resistance to lodging. In Himachal Pradesh, the Palanpur-1 type of oats has been approved for cultivation. This type of exporting oats yields around 50 t/ha of green feed.


This variety of oats was generated using intervarietal hybridization and pedigree method of selection by crossing IGO-4268 with Indio-6-5-1. The 1989-introduced cultivar has an upright growth habit and glabrous nodes. Bundel Jai-822 flowers in around 95–100 days and matures in 125–130 days.


The 1997 release of Sabzaar was created by SKUA&T in Srinagar. This cultivar has been approved for growing in Kashmir’s temperate regions and Jammu’s high altitude regions. The SKO-7 cultivar is very tillering, lush, and multipurpose. It yields approximately 35–40 t/ha of green forage.


In 1997, SKUA&T in Srinagar released the game Sabzaar, which was created there. This cultivar has been designated for growing in the temperate portions of Kashmir and the high altitude districts of Jammu. The SKO-7 cultivar is a vigorous tillering, leafy, dual-purpose plant. It yields 35–40 tonnes per hectare of green forage.


This type of oats was introduced in 1990 for multi-cut agriculture in northern and central India. The UPO-212 cultivar has a stem that is light green with eight to ten tillers and thin, varied awns. This variety’s average green forage output is approximately 60 tonnes per hectare.


The OL-125 oat variety was created through intervarietal hybridization utilising Appler and IPC-163, followed by pedigree breeding and selection. The variety was introduced in 1995 for growing in the country’s north-west and central regions. This type is ideal for single/multiple cutting and produces 58 t/ha of green forage per hectare.

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