Giloy is an Ayurvedic herb that has reportedly been used and recommended in Indian medicine since antiquity. The most useful part of Giloy is thought to be its stem, while the root is also utilised. Every year, the Giloy exporter in India exports tonnes of Giloy. Due to the numerous health and medical benefits of this plant, India’s export of Giloy has increased over time. This presents an excellent chance for the Indian Giloy exporter to build his business and access the global market. Diverse Giloy kinds and quality are featured in Giloy exports.


Over the years, the demand for Giloy on the global market has increased. As a result, the Giloy exporter in India exports a growing quantity of Giloy and its goods to numerous countries throughout the globe. Due to its nutritional benefits, Giloy is also gaining in favour. The increase in Giloy imports from India is attributable to the excellent reputation of Indian Giloy exports.


Product Name Giloy
Origin India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka
Family Menispermaceae
Binomial name Tinospora cordifolia


Nutrients Total Carbohydrate 3.34 g Dietary Fiber 11.32 g
Minerals Calcium, Iron
Vitamins Vitamin A Vitamin C
Protein 2.30 g




  • Giloy enhances the immune system. It is claimed to be a powerhouse of antioxidants that combat free radicals, maintain healthy cells, and clear the body of ailments.
  • According to experts, Giloy is excellent for digestion. It is quite useful for aiding digestion and treating bowel-related disorders.
  • Moreover, it is stated that Giloy is effective for treating diabetes. Giloy is a hypoglycemic medication that aids in the treatment of diabetes.
  • Additionally, Giloy reduces tension and anxiety. It helps eliminate pollutants and improves memory. When coupled with other herbs, it is a wonderful health tonic that has a calming effect.


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