Khus is predominantly a root. From these roots, the dark green syrup is derived. The syrup has a woody flavour and multiple applications and benefits. Each year, India’s Khus exporter exports a massive quantity of the product. Due to the increasing demand for Khus, exports of Khus from India have also increased. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for the Indian Khus exporter to build his business and penetrate the global market. There are numerous variations and quality of the product exported by Khus.


The demand for Khus has increased on the global market. Khus Syrup is used to flavour milkshakes and yoghurt drinks like lassi. It can also be utilised in ice creams, mixed drinks such as Shirley Temples, and as a topping for desserts. Thus, the Indian exporter of Khus exports high-quality Khus to numerous countries around the globe. The import of Khus from India has increased steadily over the past few years.


Product Name Khus
Origin Tropical Asia
Family Poaceae
Binomial name Chrysopogon zizanioides


Vitamins Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C




  • Khus has numerous therapeutic properties. It has potent anti-inflammatory qualities and aids in the treatment of nerve and other tissue irritation.
  • Khus also possesses numerous analgesic qualities that alleviate pain. Consequently, Khus is also utilised to create analgesics.
  • Khus is rich in iron, which increases the oxygenation of the blood. Therefore, it is beneficial to your health.
  • The oils collected from Khus contain components that assist to calm and relax your muscles and mind, thereby facilitating sleep.


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