Linseeds is another common name for flaxseeds. These seeds are from the Linaceae family flax plant. India’s flax exporters export tonnes of flax annually. Due to the numerous applications and advantages of flax seeds, India’s flax export has been increasing annually. Linseed export is therefore viewed as an excellent chance for Indian flax exporters to access the global market.


Nutrients Calories - 37 calories Fiber - 1.9 g Carbs 2 g
Minerals Thiamine, Copper, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Molybdenum
Protein 1.3 g


The kinds of flax imported from India include Pratap Alsi-1, Deepika, Azad Alsi-1, and many others. The Indian exporter of linseed exports seeds of superior quality worldwide. Primarily, the following types are exported from India as Linseed:


The Pratap Alsi-1 strain of flax seeds contains 41.08 percent oil. The preferred region for this type is the command areas of Rajasthan Kota. This cultivar is distinguished by its tall stature, upright, funnel-shaped, white-flowered, light-brown seed, moderate resistance to wilt, tolerance to rust, etc.


Deepika or RLC 78 contains 41.39% of oil content in its seeds. This Linseed cultivar is typically of average height. This cultivar is also known to be resistant to PM and has blue blooms and brown seeds.


The Azas Alsi-1 cultivar of flax seeds has around 39.92% oil. This variety’s average yield is approximately 1,610 kg/ha. This cultivar is recommended for cultivation in the Bundelkhand districts of UP, MP, and Rajasthan.


The 2008-introduced LC-2063 is an additional Linseed cultivar exported from India. This type has been suggested for cultivation in irrigated regions of the state of Punjab. It has tall plants, a medium maturity level, blue flowers, and dark brown seeds.


The Himani cultivar of Linseed possesses a 36.4% oil content. This type has been recommended for cultivation in Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, and Punjab. KL-214 is mainly distinguished by its blue blooms, little brown seeds, and limited rust resistance.


Released in 2010, Bhagsu is an additional Linseed variety sold from India. The oil content of this Linseed cultivar is 36.38 percent. Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Uttaranchal, Punjab, and Haryana are the suggested regions for growing this type.

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