Canola is primarily a cool-season crop, suitable to cool, moist springs. It thrives in silt loam soils with excellent drainage. The Indian exporter of Spring Canola ships tonnes of the crop to various regions of the globe. Due to its numerous applications, India’s exports of Spring Canola have been gradually increasing. Therefore, this is a fantastic opportunity for the Indian Spring Canola exporter to build their business and generate substantial profits. The export of Spring Canola from India contains numerous kinds of the crop.


Due to the nitrogen need of the canola crop, spring canola production costs are comparable to or slightly higher than soybean production costs. But by utilising the earlier planting and harvesting of spring canola, it is possible to design cropping systems that are more profitable than conventional systems. Due to the increasing market demand for Spring Canola, exporters in India should seize the chance and enter the industry. India’s Spring Canola imports are expected to increase in the following years.


Product Name Spring Canola
Origin Canada
Family Brassica napus L.
Binomial name Brassicaceae


Nutrients Calories 124
Vitamins Vitamin E Vitamin K
Fats 14 g




  • Spring Canola has a high oil and protein concentration. Therefore, it is deemed quite useful.
  • Spring Canola can be utilised to produce a yearly Fromage. In the past, it was utilised as feed for pigs and poultry kept in the field.


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