A field bean is a bean that is cultivated primarily for its edible seeds. Tons of beans are exported by the Indian exporter of Field Beans to various places around the globe. Exports of Field Beans from India have increased throughout the years, most likely due to rising global demand for the product. The exporter of Indian Field Beans has an excellent potential to export his products abroad and generate substantial cash. The export of Field Beans is therefore a growing business.


Nutrients Calories - 88 kcal Dietary Fiber - 8 g Total Carbohydrate - 18 g
Minerals Calcium, Iron, Magnesium
Vitamins Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K
Protein 25.21g


The imports of Field Beans from India include Rongai, Koala, Pusa Early Prolific, and numerous other types. This is an excellent opportunity for the Indian exporter of Field Beans to enter the worldwide market and establish a name for themselves. Included in the export of Field Beans are the following prominent varieties:


The Rongai variety is a late-blooming variety with a large yield of dry matter. This type of Field Beans has white blooms and seeds that are a pale shade of brown. It is the most common cultivar of forage. The seeds weigh approximately 5,000/kg. The Rongai type of Field Beans grown in Australia throughout the summer is a prolific and rapidly twining annual or short-lived perennial herbaceous plant.


The Koala grain variety matures quickly. The average Koala production is between 1.1t to 2.8t per hectare. The Kola cultivar is relatively insensitive to day length and typically achieves fifty to seventy percent flowering stage within fifty to seventy days of planting in December in northern New South Wales.


The Pusa Early Prolific is a field bean variety. This variety produces clusters of early, medium-sized, stringless pods. This cultivar can be sown both during the summer and during the rainy season.


The Pusa Sem-2 cultivar produces long, dark-green, stringless, semi-round pods. This type has a good yield and is resistant to viruses and pod borer. In Northern India, June through July is a great time for sowing. This variety’s blooms grow on independent spikes above the plant canopy.


The IGFRI-S-2214-II variety of Field beans is a quick-growing and upright cultivar. It has a moderate twining habit. This variety’s pods are broad, flat, green, hairless, and fibrous. There are approximately 4-6 spherical, greenish-brown seeds per pod. This variety’s leafiness ranged from 40 to 50%.


The IGFRI-S-2218-I cultivar has a moderate growth rate and a prostrate growth habit. It has an excellent twining habit. This plant’s vines are medium-thick, pigmented, and hairless. There are about three to five seeds per pod. Under dryland circumstances, this cultivar produces between 240 and 260 q/ha of green forage from a single harvest at full bloom.


The HA-3 variety is a photo-resistant, determinate type with yields ranging from 12 to 15 qs/ha. It can be grown throughout the entire year. It develops in around four months and has a unique aroma on the pod surface that consumers love. This variety’s green pods are consumed either as tender pods or as immature seeds.


In general, CO.1 plants are short, bushy, and upright. The flowering begins 45 days after sowing and continues for around 90–100 days. The typical number of flowers per inflorescence is between 55 and 60, and around half of the blossoms produce pods. The green pods are collected 10–12 days after flowering and are used as a vegetable.


The Azad P-2 is a powdery mildew-resistant variety that was produced at Kalyanpur by enhanced generation selection of the Bonneville 6587 cross. This type has tall, upright plants with light green leaves and white blooms. The pods of Azad P-2 are medium in size, light green, straight, smooth, and firm, and they bear two clusters of 6-7 wrinkled and dark brown seeds.


This is a genotype with a high yield and pods. It has a bigger pod yield than other common types (8.8–13.6 tonnes per hectare versus 5.0–9.3 tonnes per hectare). It is a bushy plant that grows in approximately 55–60 days from seeding.

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