Garlic is a member of the onion genus that is widely cultivated throughout the world. Each year, the garlic exporter in India ships tonnes of garlic to various countries. Due to the garlic’s distinctive flavour and perfume, garlic exports from India have increased. This is an excellent opportunity for the exporter of Indian garlic to build his business and access the worldwide market. The export of garlic from India involves the export of numerous garlic types.




Nutrients Calories - 4 calories Dietary Fiber - 1.2 g Carbohydrate 0.93 g
Minerals Calcium Iron Magnesium Potassium
Vitamins Vitamin C
Protein 0.18g


The garlic imports from India include numerous garlic kinds, such as Agrifound White, Yamuna Safed, etc. The garlic exporter in India delivers garlic of the highest quality to various parts of the globe. The following cultivars of Garlic are exported:


The garlic variety was developed through bulk selection from a local collection gathered from the Biharsharif region. This garlic type has small, silver-white bulbs with a creamy body. Agrifound White is vulnerable to the common northern diseases purple blotch and stemphylium blight. This variety yields approximately 130 q/ha.


The Yamuna Safed type of garlic was created through bulk selection of a local collection gathered from the Delhi (Azadpur) market. This type produces tiny bulbs with silvery-white skin and creamy meat. The cloves are sickle-shaped and number between 25 and 30. This type is resistant to insect pests and illnesses such as stemphylium blight, purple blotch, and onion thrips.


The Yamuna Safed-2 variety of garlic was developed through bulk selection of a local collection from the Karnal region of Haryana. This variety’s bulbs are tiny and beautiful, with a white, creamy flesh. This variety’s typical yield is between 150 and 200 q/ha. This type is advised for use in Northern India.


The Yamuna Safed-3 variety has flourished in the northern and central regions of India. This variety was generated using the technique of mass selection from a local collection taken in 1990 from Dindigul. The leaves of this plant are often broader than those of other species. This variety’s bulbs are larger and creamy-white in colour.


This garlic type was developed in 1992 by selecting from a Hong Kong market-obtained unusual collection. The Agrifound Parvati cultivar is a long-day type, making it appropriate for growing in the northern states’ mid- and high-elevation hills. The bulbs are larger in size and cream-colored with a reddish hue.


Utilizing the process of mass selection, the Yamuna Safed-4 variety was produced from a local collection gathered in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. This variety’s bulbs are tiny, beautiful, and a creamy white colour. This cultivar reaches maturity within 165-175 days. This variety’s typical output is between 200 and 250 q m per hectare.


The Porcelain Garlic is a traditional pearl-white garlic with a rigid neck. This variety contains between four and five uniform cloves. The neck consists mostly of the remnants of the bulb’s shoots, an edible tangle called as the “scape.” The porcelain garlic is visually appealing and has a simple, robust flavour.


The Rocambole Garlic is a purple-streaked kind of garlic with loose peel. This type is believed to have a robust flavour and a short shelf life. This garlic contains a high concentration of sulfenic acid, which imparts a spicy, burning flavour.

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