Mace is actually the aril, a lacy coating found on nutmeg seeds. This scarlet lace-like aril can be manually extracted from the nutmeg’s outer shell and then dried. The Indian exporter of mace ships tonnes of the product overseas. The export of mace from India has increased throughout the years. This may be due to mace’s numerous health and medical benefits. Therefore, the Indian exporter of mace is generating substantial profits from this trade. The export of mace comprises the export of several mace cultivars.


India is the second-largest producer of mace in the world. Also producing mace are Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and a few Caribbean islands. For the Indian exporter of mace, the United States is currently the largest market. Orange-Red Mace, of the East Indian variety, is generally preferred in its entire form by U.S. customers. The import of mace from India has increased throughout the years due to its numerous applications and advantages.


Product Name Mace
Origin Banda, Indonesia
Family Myristicaceae
Binomial name Myristica fragrans


Nutrients Calories 475 kcal Total Carbohydrates 50.50g Dietary Fiber 20.2gg
Minerals Folate, Niacin, Pyridoxine, Riboflavin, Thiamin
Vitamins Vitamin A, Vitamin C
Protein 6.71 g
Fats 32.38g





  • Mace has numerous medical and health benefits. It is taken orally to treat diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal spasms and pain, and intestinal gas.
  • Additionally, mace may be effective for treating cancer, renal illness, enhancing menstrual flow, etc.
  • Additionally, mace can be rubbed to the skin to relieve discomfort. It is used specifically for joint discomfort (rheumatism).
  • In the food sector, mace is commonly employed as a seasoning and flavouring agent.


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