Mustard is mostly comprised of the mustard plant’s seeds. The exporter of Mustard Seeds in India exports numerous tonnes of mustard products. As a result of mustard’s numerous uses and benefits, India’s mustard seed exports have expanded. This is an excellent opportunity for the exporter of Indian Mustard Seeds to expand his business and gain access to the global market. India’s export of Mustard Seeds contains various mustard varieties.


Demand for mustard on the global market has increased throughout the years. Along with mustard, the exporter of Mustard Seeds in India also ships Mustard oil to Bangladesh, the United States, Malaysia, Japan, and Australia. The overall export value of mustard oil from India is around 81.01 million US dollars. Around 122 countries are included in India’s importation of mustard seeds.


Product Name Mustard
Origin Ancient Egypt
Family Brassica
Binomial name Brassica


Nutrients Calories 66 kcal Total Carbohydrates - 5 g Fiber 3.3 grams
Minerals Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Cobalamin
Vitamins Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B-6
Protein 0.13 g
Fats 0.27 g





  • Mustard has numerous culinary applications. Whole white mustard seed is reportedly used in pickling spices and meat and seafood culinary spice blends.
  • Additionally, mustard offers health and medical benefits. It is supposed to aid in the treatment of the common cold, sore joints and muscles, arthritis, etc.
  • Additionally, mustard seed is ground with other spices to make curry powders and pastes.
  • Additionally, mustard is thought to be beneficial for painful feet and lower back discomfort.


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