Almonds are edible seeds that resemble teardrops and are commonly referred to as nuts. Almonds are mostly the fruit of the almond tree. Every year, the Almond Nuts exporter in India sends tonnes of nuts abroad. The worldwide demand for Almond Nuts has been rising. This may be a reason why India’s export of almond nuts has also been accelerating. This is a favourable opportunity for the Indian almond nut exporter to enter the global market. The export of Almond Nuts encompasses numerous types of these nuts.


Nutrients Calories - 161 calories Dietary Fiber - 3.5 g Carbohydrate 2.5 g
Vitamins Vitamin E Vitamin B
Minerals Calcium, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, Folate, Biotin
Protein 6 g


The Almond Nuts imported from India consist of numerous types, such as Nonpareil, Carmel, Butte, etc. Keeping in mind health and safety standards, the Almond Nut exporter in India delivers products of top quality. Here are the primary types of Almond Nuts that are exported.


The almond cultivar Nonpareil has an appealing look and a robust almond flavour. This type is distinguished by its thin outer shell, smooth kernels, and flawless processing. It is a medium-sized, flat, light-colored nut with a smooth surface.


Almond’s Caramel variation is technically a California variety. However, this type is popular enough to warrant its own classification. These softshell almonds are used for blanching and roasting. This variant is frequently used in place of nonpareils.


Butte is a kind of Mission almonds. This kind has a semi-hard shell with a pale colour and smooth surface. This variety’s nut is small, short, plump, and has a wrinkly exterior. This cultivar can be exported from India.


Peerless is a California almond variety. This kind has a tough shell with a pale colour and a smooth outside. The nuts are of average size and form, with a very wrinkly exterior.


Sonora almonds are a Californian variety with a paper-thin shell, dark brown hue, and rough surface. These nuts are huge, long, and thin, with a pale colour and a smooth exterior.

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