The Betel nut is the seed of the palm’s fruit. It is also known as the areca nut. Each year, the Betel Nut exporter in India must export tonnes of the fruit. The global demand for betel nuts has been increasing. This may be a reason why India’s Betel Nut exports have been expanding significantly. It is a terrific time for the Indian exporter of betel nuts to penetrate the global market. The Betel Nuts export involves the export of numerous Betel Nuts kinds.


The import of Betel Nuts from India includes many types of Betel Nuts, such as Arecanuts, Mora, Moti, etc. Keeping health and safety requirements in mind, the Indian exporter of Betel Nuts exports only high-quality goods. Here are the primary species of Betel Nuts that are exported.


There are two primary types of Arecanut, known as white Supari and red Supari. Supari of the white variety is harvested after the arecanut is fully ripe and sun-dried for around 40 to 50 days. After drying, the nut shell must be removed by hand or machine. Arecanut is the name given to the nut obtained from this dried fruit.


Mora Betel Nuts are an important Betel Nuts cultivar. This type has a diameter of approximately 29 mm and greater. This kind of Betel Nuts from India is known to be good for export.


Moti ArecaNut is a white nut species that is abundantly produced in coastal parts of Karnataka and Kerala. In the Mangalore region, these nuts are grown of the highest grade. Moti Betel Nuts have a diameter between 25 and 29 millimetres.


The Sevardha variety of Betel Nuts is also an important variety. The cultivation of these nuts occurs in Karnataka, Kerala, and Assam, but they are consumed throughout the nation. The diameter of the Sevardhan variety’s nuts ranges between 20 and 25 millimetres.


In India, Jam Jini Betel Nut is a prominent crop that is integral to many religious, social, and cultural activities. The states of Karnataka, Kerala, and Assam are responsible for its cultivation. India is recognised as the world’s largest producer of areca nuts. These are the smallest Fator nuts, measuring less than 20 mm.


Lindi Betel Nuts have a diameter of around or less than 7.5mm. This Betel Nut type is one of India’s most popular nuts. While these nuts are enjoyed throughout the nation, they are grown in Karnataka, Kerala, and Assam.


The crimson kind of Supari is made by plucking and peeling the sensitive Areca Nut. The nuts obtained by peeling the sensitive nut are then processed according to the desired variety, boiled in water, and sun-dried.

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