Corn is one of the most popular cereal grains in the world. It is actually the seed of a grass-related plant. India’s corn exporters export tonnes of corn annually. Popcorn and sweet corn are two of the most popular corn kinds. Corn can be included into salads, veggies, curries, etc. India’s export of corn has been one of the fastest-growing exports. Thus, the Indian exporter of grain generates substantial profits from these shipments. India’s export of corn consists of numerous export types and variations.


Due to the numerous health and medical benefits of corn, imports from India have increased over the past few years. Corn reportedly reduces the incidence of anaemia and is beneficial during pregnancy. Corn exporters in India ship corn of the highest quality to several countries around the globe. Corn export provides Indian exporters with an excellent opportunity to access the worldwide market.


Product Name Corn/Maize
Origin Mexico
Family Poaceae
Binomial name Zea mays


Nutrients 177 Calories Carbohydrates - 41 grams Fiber - 4.6 grams
Minerals Magnesium, Phosphorous, Zinc, Copper, Iron, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Pantothenic Acid
Vitamins Vitamin B6, Vitamin E
Protein 5.4 g
Fats 2.1g




  • It is well known that corn is a potent energy booster. Consequently, several specialists advise consuming corn after exercise.
  • Corn also aids in weight gain. It is a far superior and healthier alternative to junk food.
  • Corn is also thought to be a healthy option for those with diabetes and high cholesterol. This is due to the fact that sweet corn and corn oil enhance blood flow, decrease cholesterol absorption, and regulate insulin.
  • Additionally, corn is used to feed livestock.


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