Rice is puffed by infusing it with air, which enlarges and lightens the grains while reducing their moisture content to generate a crisp texture. Tons of Puffed Rice are exported from India by the Puffed Rice exporter. The export of Puffed Rice from India has increased throughout the years. This may be due to the numerous advantages of this type of rice. Therefore, the exporter of Indian Puffed Rice is generating substantial revenue from this venture. The export of Puffed Rice encompasses the export of numerous types of this rice.


Over the years, the global market demand for Puffed Rice has increased. Therefore, the Indian exporter of puffed rice exports a growing quantity of puffed rice and its products to numerous countries throughout the globe. New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other major ports are among the leading importers of Puffed Rice from India. Because of its nutritional qualities, Puffed Rice is also gaining in favour.


Product Name Puffed Rice
Origin India


Nutrients Calories 33 kcal Carbohydrates - 10.3g Fiber - 0.04g
Minerals Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate
Protein 1 g
Fats 0.01 g




  • Puffed Rice has numerous culinary applications. For instance, puffed rice is the primary component in the popular Indian snack known as “Bhelpuri.”
  • Puffed Rice is reportedly beneficial for preventing constipation. The consistency and good bacteria in puffed rice aid in the treatment of constipation.
  • According to popular belief, Puffed Rice helps avoid constipation. Puffed rice helps alleviate constipation due to its consistency and good microorganisms.
  • Rice puffs are beneficial for weight loss. It is very light and low in calories. Additionally, it helps you get rid of fat deposits.


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