Sorghum is generally a robust grass with seeds that are tasty and starchy. Sorghum is a versatile crop with numerous industrial applications. Sorghum is commonly known as Jowar, Cholam, or Jonna in India. Each year, India’s Sorghum exporter ships a massive quantity of the crop. Exports of sorghum from India have increased as a result of the grain’s growing popularity. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for the Indian sorghum exporter to build his firm and reach the global market. There are numerous sorts and qualities of the product exported by jawari.


Sorghum is an important food crop in Africa and has numerous other use. It is utilised as a food, as hay, and as fodder. In hot and arid climates, sorghum is highly prized due to its tolerance to drought and heat. The Indian exporter of sorghum exports high-quality sorghum to diverse regions of the globe. The import of sorghum from India has increased steadily during the previous few years.


Product Name Sorghum
Origin Northeastern Africa
Family Poaceae
Binomial name Sorghum bicolor


Nutrients Calories 316 Carbohydrate - 69g Fiber - 6g
Minerals Magnesium, Iron, Copper, Phosphorous, Zinc, Potassium
Vitamins Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6
Protein 10 g
Fats 6 g




  • Sorghum is a food ingredient. Additionally, it is used to produce edible oil, flour, dextrose, and alcoholic beverages.
  • Sorghum is also utilised as hay and animal feed. The crop’s stalks are utilised as both animal feed and construction materials.
  • The grain sorghum is used to create brooms and brushes.
  • Sweet Sorghum is also utilised for the manufacturing of syrup and biofuel-grade ethyl alcohol.



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