Triticale is a cross between wheat and rye. It can be utilised as a grain, feed, fuel, forage, wildlife food plot, and cover crop, among other things. India’s Triticale exporter ships metric tonnes of Triticale to countries throughout the globe. Triticale exports from India have increased over the years as a result of the crop’s varied uses and benefits. The Indian exporter of triticale is currently exporting increasing quantities of triticale each year. The export of Triticale from India involves the export of numerous cultivars of the crop.


Triticale is a hybrid created by humans and so offers numerous advantages. For example, it possesses the disease resistance of rye as well as the seed and fodder quality of wheat. Therefore, the demand for Triticale in the global market has surged recently. The Indian exporter of Triticale ships premium-quality Triticale to various regions of the globe. As a result of its exceptional resilience to plant diseases and viruses, Triticale imports from India are expected to increase over the next few years.


Product Name Triticale
Origin Scotland and Germany
Family Piperaceae
Binomial name Triticosecale


Nutrients C Calories 336 Total Carbohydrate - 72g Dietary Fiber - 0g
Minerals Calcium, Iron, Potassium
Vitamins Vitamin D
Protein 13 g
Fats 2.1g




  • Triticale is used to grind grains. Using wheat or rye flour-milling procedures, it can be ground into flour.
  • Triticale is used to make baked goods such as various varieties of bread, oriental noodles, and soft wheat products, among others.
  • Certain triticale types can also make dense and flat bread under specific conditions, such as low mixing speed and shortened fermentation time.



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