Sage is a common herb with a pungent scent and earthy flavour. It is a nutritional and mineral powerhouse. The Sage exporter in India ships vast amounts of the product to several global locations. Sage’s worldwide popularity has increased as a result of its numerous health benefits. This popularity has increased the export of Sage from India. Following all health and safety laws, the exporter of Indian Sage ships products of high quality outside. Therefore, the export of Sage from India represents an excellent commercial prospect.


Sage’s demand on the global market has been on the rise for several years. This may be due to the popularity of its health and medical properties. The Sage exporter in India generates a healthy income from the export business today. Growing demand for Sage and its products provide local farmers and merchants with an excellent opportunity to expand their businesses and access the international market. Sage imports from India have increased since the quality of Sage shipped from India is among the highest in the world.


Product Name Sage
Origin Mediterranean
Family Mints
Binomial name Salvia officinalis


Nutrients Calories 2 Carbs 0.4 grams Fiber 0.56 grams
Minerals Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Phosphorous, Zinc, Copper
Vitamins Vitamin C, Vitamin K1, Vitamin A
Protein 0.1 g
Fats 0.1 g




  • Sage is loaded with antioxidants. These antioxidants are associated with numerous health benefits, including enhanced brain function, decreased cancer risk, etc.
  • Sage reportedly possesses antibacterial properties as well. These properties of Safe may eliminate microorganisms that promote tooth plaque formation.
  • Sage may also diminish the severity and frequency of menopause symptoms. It is possible to lessen menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and irritability.
  • Sage may reduce glucose levels through enhancing insulin sensitivity. However, additional research on this sage advantage is required.


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