Meadowfoam oil is typically extracted from meadowfoam seed. The seed contains between 20% and 30% oil. The Indian exporter of meadowfoam exports tonnes of meadowfoam to several countries. India’s exports of meadowfoam have increased over the years in response to expanding global demand for the product. This is an excellent opportunity for the exporter of Indian Meadowfoam to build his business and enter the international market. The export of Meadowfoam from India comprises exports of various Meadowfoam kinds and quality.


Meadowfoam oil has numerous benefits and applications. Therefore, the Indian exporter of meadowfoam exports an increasing amount of meadowfoam each year. Meadowfoam is particularly beneficial in the personal care products market because to its characteristics. The import of Meadowfoam from India is consequently anticipated to increase in the future.


Product Name Meadowfoam
Origin Northern California, southern Oregon, and Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Family Limnanthaceae
Binomial name Limnanthes


Nutrients Calories 350 Carbs - 57g Dietary Fiber - 5.0g
Minerals Tocopherols
Vitamins Vitamins




  • The cosmetic and hair-care industries utilise meadowfoam oil. This is because to its consistency, lubricity, and propensity to adhere to the skin.
  • Various properties of meadowfoam oil make it very resistant to oxidation and heat. Consequently, it is a valuable component for personal care products.
  • Meadowfoam oil is reportedly one of the most shelf-stable lipids known and, despite its molecular weight, it remains liquid at normal temperature. Consequently, meadowfoam oil is extremely stable, even when heated or exposed to air.


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