Sunflower seeds are the primary component of the sunflower’s fruit. Several uses and benefits are associated with these seeds. The Sunflower exporter in India exports sunflower seeds to several nations throughout the globe. Since the previous few years, the export of sunflowers from India has increased. The rising demand for sunflowers worldwide is an excellent opportunity for the Indian sunflower exporter to enter and expand in the international market. There are numerous sunflower types exported.


Nutrients Calories - 584 calories Dietary Fiber - 9 g Total Carbohydrate 20 g
Minerals Phosphorus, Manganese, Copper, Iron, Pantothenic Acid
Protein 21g


The imports of Field Beans from India include Rongai, Koala, Pusa Early Prolific, and numerous other types. This is an excellent opportunity for the Indian exporter of Field Beans to enter the worldwide market and establish a name for themselves. Included in the export of Field Beans are the following prominent varieties:


The sunflower variety DRSF-108 was introduced in 2004 and is exported from India. The typical output of this sunflower cultivar is between 1200 and 1400 kg per hectare. This cultivar will mature in approximately 95 to 100 days. This cultivar has an oil content of approximately 37%.


The output of DRSF-113 sunflower seeds is around 1200-1400 kilogrammes per hectare. This variety, which was introduced in 2007, requires between 90 and 98 days to develop after transplanting. This kind of seeds contains roughly 40% oil.

DRSH-1 (PCSH-243)

The average output of the 2006-introduced DRSH-1 variety of sunflower seeds is between 1,300 and 1,600 kilogrammes per hectare. This cultivar requires around 95-105 days to mature from the date of transplantation. This kind of sunflower seeds contains approximately 40% oil.

SURYA (RVK - 72-37)

One of the types of sunflower seeds supplied from India is Surya. The Surya variety has been recommended for Maharashtra in particular. This cultivar reaches maturity in approximately 90-95 days. Under rainfed conditions, the seed production is approximately 800-1000 kg/ha. The oil content of these seeds ranges between 32 and 35%.

KBSH - 1

The KBSH-1 sunflower seed variety develops in approximately 90-95 days. The plant is between 150 and 180 centimetres tall. The oil content of the seeds ranges between 43 and 45%. The cultivar has an average yield of 1900 kg.

NSFH - 9

The NSFH-9 cultivar reaches maturity at 85-95 days. The plant is between 120 and 150 cm tall. This cultivar has an average yield of approximately 1800 kg. This variety’s maximum output per hectare is approximately 2,700 kg. The oil content of NSFH-9 ranges from 38 to 42%.

SH – 3322

The SH-3322 cultivar is known to reach maturity between 85 and 95 days. The height of the pants is between 120 and 145 cm. The oil content of this cultivar is approximately 40-41%. This variety has an average yield of approximately 2,095 kg.

MSFH - 1

The MSFH-1 seed variety matures in around 95 days. The oil content of these seeds is approximately 40%. The average yield of this variety per acre is between 1,500 and 1,500 kg.

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