The annual herb Vernonia, also known as Vernonia cinerea, is upright. It has numerous advantages and medical applications. Each year, India’s Vernonia exporter sends a massive volume of Vernoria to countries throughout the globe. The Indian supplier of Vernonia exports high-quality kinds of Vernonia. Vernonia exports from India have increased over time due to growing awareness of the plant’s medical applications. In the future, Vernonia exports are also anticipated to increase.


Today, demand for Vernonia on the global market is astronomical. Therefore, this is a wonderful opportunity for the Indian exporter of Vernonia to build their business and access the international market. By entering the global market, our local farmers and merchants will also be able to generate substantial profits. Due to its numerous industrial applications, India’s Vernonia imports have increased in recent years.


Product Name Vernonia
Origin Eastern Africa
Family Asteraceae
Binomial name Vernonia anthelmintica




  • Vernonia seeds are used as a treatment for leprosy and other skin conditions. Generally, the seeds are fiery and have a pungent flavour.
  • Several products can be made from Vernonia including epoxies for manufacturing adhesives, varnishes and paints, industrial coatings so on and so forth.
  • Vernonia seeds are utilised to treat leprosy and other skin disorders. The seeds are typically spicy and have a pungent flavour.
  • Vernonia could possibly be utilised as a natural source of plasticizers and stabilisers in the production of PVC plastic and similar materials.


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