Due to the increasing demand for peas worldwide, the pea exporter in India must raise exports appropriately. Peas are nutritious and commonly utilised in a variety of cuisines, leading to a growth in pea exports from India. Peas can be exported in both their fresh and frozen states. The Indian exporter of peas exports both of these types. India exports numerous other types of peas in addition to these.


Nutrients Calories - 62 calories / 100grams Carbs- 11 grams Fiber- 4 grams
Minerals Protein, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Copper
Vitamins Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K
Protein 4 g
Fat 0.4g/100g


There are numerous pea kinds imported from India, including Asauji, Arkel, Little marvel, etc. All of these kinds are exported in their freshest, highest quality form. Included in the export of peas are the following varieties:


Asauji is a small, green pea cultivar with silky seeds. This cultivar produces singular pods. 30-35 days after sowing, the flowers will bloom. This pea type produces pods that are around 8 centimetres long, curved, dark green in colour, and thin in shape. When completely formed, these peas are spherical and comprise seven seeds.


The French Arkel pea variety is an unusual cultivar. The plant is a dwarf, although it can reach a height of 45 cm due to its strong growth. The white flowers of Arkel are produced in double on a few lower nodes. The pods are dark green in colour, measure 8.5 centimetres in length, and contain wrinkled seeds. This cultivar is suited for both fresh and dried markets.


Little marvel is an imported English dwarf shrub with wrinkled seeds. The pods have a dark green leaf hue. The first flower appears at the ninth or tenth node 40 days after sowing. The pods are 8 centimetres in length, are borne singly, are thick and lustrous, and contain five or six highly tasty seeds.


At Jabalpur, the Jawahar Matar variety was created from the hybridization of T19 and Early Badger, followed by selections. The plant is 70-75 cm tall and has a bushy growth style. The pods are roundish-oval in shape, light green in colour, and contain 4-5 wrinkled seeds. The first harvest can begin 50 to 55 days after planting.


The Harbhajan variety of peas was developed in Jabalpur by selecting genetic material from alien sources. It is an early variety, with the first harvest occurring 45 days after sowing. The pods of these peas are tiny and contain little, golden, ovoid seeds. This variety’s average pod yield is 3 t/ha.


In America, the Bonneville variant was introduced. It is among the most popular pea kinds. The plant is of average height, and its flowers are predominantly double. The pods are light green, straight, large, and contain 6-7 tasty, robust, and wrinkled seeds. First flowering takes between 65 and 70 days and is sensitive to powdery mildew.


Medium-height plants comprise the lincon variety. It is often bisexual, and its pods are dark green, curved, and large, containing 8 to 9 wrinkled seeds. Around 85-90 days after sowing, the first harvest of this cultivar can begin. This cultivar produces approximately 10t/ha of pods on average.

PUNJAB 88 (P-88)

At Ludhiana, the Punjab 88 variety of peas was produced by making selections from the hybrid offspring of the cross Pusa02 Morriss-55. This variety produces small, strong, upright plants with dark green foliage. The first harvest for this variety may occur 100 days after seeding. The pods are tall, dark green, and somewhat bent in the middle, and they contain 7-8 green, wrinkled, and less tasty seeds.


The Azad P-2 is a powdery mildew-resistant variety that was produced at Kalyanpur by enhanced generation selection of the Bonneville 6587 cross. This type has tall, upright plants with light green leaves and white blooms. The pods of Azad P-2 are medium in size, light green, straight, smooth, and firm, and they bear two clusters of 6-7 wrinkled and dark brown seeds.


The Ooty-1 was created at Udhagamandalam using pure line selection from the PS 33 accession. This dwarf plant has a yield potential of 11.9 t/ha and a crop duration of 90 days. The Ooty-1 has whitefly resistance.

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