Black lentils are also known as Urad Dal Split. This dal retains its peel and possesses a robust flavour. It can be processed into flour or paste and utilised in a variety of dishes. Every year, the Indian exporter of Urad Dal Split exports a considerable quantity of Dal. India’s export of Urad Dal Split has increased throughout the years because to its numerous applications and health advantages. The Indian exporter of Urad Dal Split has an excellent potential to export his goods to various regions of the globe. The Urad Dal Split export consists of many types of Dal exported from India.


The Urad Dal Split is utilised in numerous dishes. It is commonly employed in the preparation of South Indian dishes such as dosa, chutney, etc. The Urad Dal Split exporter in India must export lentils of the highest quality. In order to avoid any complexities or problems during the procedure, the products must also correspond to the country’s quality and safety standards. Due to the grain’s excellent reputation on the market, imports of Urad Dal Split from India have been growing.


Product Name Urad Dal Split
Origin India
Family Fabaceaee
Binomial name Vigna mungo. (L.) Heppers




  • Urad Dal Split contains an abundance of folic acid. Folic Acid is necessary for a variety of metabolic functions in the body.
  • Urad Dal Split is also beneficial to the blood. This dal contains Folic Acid, which aids in the formation and maintenance of new cells.
  • Urad Dal Split is an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus. Therefore, it is stated that this dal is excellent for your bones and teeth.


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